ze road waz bleeding.

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Did he break his nose or just cut it up really badly?


Hard as nails…Laurens Ten Dam (Rabobank) overcooked a corner on the descent of the Agnes, went over the bars and took a header into the weeds in Stage 14 of this year’s Tour de France but still went on to finish. 


The guy on the motorbike had tried to pass the riders on the right-hand side but in his haste had hooked Nicki Sorensen’s bike with his pannier. The Danish champion did a quick impression of a rodeo rider being dragged on his back by a bull before finally being tossed into the middle of a family picnic on the grass verge.

Although he was relatively unscathed, Sorensen had no bike as it was still attached to the back of the motorbike. As we rode along, everybody was shouting at the guy on the motorbike who, unaware of the carnage behind, had continued driving along in the middle of the peloton with a smile on him like he was king of the road.

Meanwhile, Sorensen’s bike was scraping off the road behind him and was in danger of coming loose and bringing down more riders.


Nicolas Roche: ‘The riders are just the show and when the show is over, we become nothing again’ - Other Sports, Sport - Independent.ie

Nicolas Roche talks about the strange incident in which an asshole moto driver got too close to the riders, hooked Nicki Sorensen’s bike, and kept going unawares.

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Lizzie Armitstead crashed quite hard the other day. She was on the way back from the team car with bottles for her teammates when another rider crashed, fell in her line and took her to the ground.

She crashed on the bottles in her jersey and for some moments she could hardly breathe. With contusions on the chest she finished the stage in the grupetto.

Yesterday she took the start in Potenza Piceno despite her stiff right side. After 10km of racing she had to stop because she wasn’t able to go out of the saddle. The team lost a important teammate especially for the coming flat stages.

Today Lucy Martin’s hard crash into the barrier sent her to the hospital where it was confirmed she has a broken right hand and is out of the race. Another tough loss for the team.


Ok, Lizzie. 1. Bad ass for continuing. 2. Crashing with bottles, ugh! Contusions on the chest, eek.

Hope both these ladies feel better soon. - CRANKTASTIC

Race report: Giro Donne, stages 4-5 and injury report – Team Garmin-Cervélo

Here’s hoping both Lizzie and Lucy recover fast and well.  Check out the rest of the article for the Garmin-Cervélo update on stage 5

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In New York City, everyone is at fault.

My first response was, “Man, I want to play this video game.” (Which I then felt bad about after the text at the end.)

Also, bids on “Agressive Yield” for a band/improv team name.

I hate New York City bicyclists so much. Especially the ones who ride on the sidewalk, which I suspect is all of them. 

It’s not, but those are the ones you see. That’s half the problem: there are plenty of cyclists who obey traffic laws (like me), but you never see them, because they’re not in your way or inconveniencing you. It’s your selective memory that recalls the ones that do break the law. You’re not actively looking for the cyclists that don’t break the law, you’re actively looking out for the ones that do.

When you say something like “I hate New York City bicyclists so much,” I hope you actually mean “I hate New York City bicyclists who break the law so much.” I hate them, too, because they give law-abiding cyclists like me a bad name.

wow - interesting. This is at least a little selective: Notice they didn’t point out the multiple instances of pedestrians darting out into the cross walk when they didn’t have the light, also….

these bicyclists are retarded.

I haven’t watched all this video, because quite frankly I can’t get over what happens at 22 seconds! Nice find.


Eff-yeah Hinault! 22sec into this video Le Badger is off the side of a mountain. Gets back on bike virtually unfazed. Très épique.

The first half is so pleasant. And then…

Heal up, Chris!


Not If, But When from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

I started out as a pretty hardcore trials rider back in the day. Recently i’ve been riding pretty much anything with two wheels so i thought is was time to go back to my roots and put a chilled little trials edit together. Everything was going well until…. - chris akrigg

Holy Sh*t.


But the doctors put it this way: If I don’t get the break fixed, maybe 10 years from now I won’t even able to lift a glass of milk.

That’s why I had to leave the race, fly home, and get some surgery on my left hand—so I could drink milk when I’m old.

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Hipster Trash Compactor - East London from jssjmsvckry on Vimeo. I don’t see this as something that warrents negative comments, sometimes you pick lines that disapear faster than you expected. We’ve ALL been there at one point or another. The more you ride, the more experience you gain, and the better you get. Regardless, be carefull out there! This made me cringe.


Some team officials said Weylandt could have been traveling as fast as 50 miles per hour. Jonathan Vaughters, team manager of the Garmin-Cervélo squad, likened the crash to jumping out of a car at that speed wearing only your underwear.

“Quite frankly, on the level of athletes putting their safety on the line for a sport, the American macho sports like football and other typical ‘guy sports’ are a joke,” Vaughters said in a telephone interview. “The perception is that bicycle racing is cute and fun and, ‘look at all the pretty colored jerseys going down that mountain pass,’ but it’s an unbelievably brutal and dangerous sport with no margin for error.”



Belgian Cyclist Weylandt Dies in Giro d’Italia - NYTimes.com

Frustration and heartbreak apparent in Vaughters’ quote.

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