I have done the beer. Incredibly awesome if it’s ice ice cold. 

After riding a century, I also partake in what I call SPAPIZZABATH.

1. Order a pizza.

2. Run the bath (mine just happens to have spa jets). Bubbles optional.

3. Don’t get naked until AFTER you have taken delivery of hot pizza. Unless you like your delivery guy A LOT.

4. Get in bath.

5. Turn on jets.

6. Eat the pizza. You won’t be able to stop. 

7. Lie there and think you’re awesome and how it was the best idea ever. 



What? Never done this? Stop reading this and go try it out. The combination of super-hot shower and ice-cold beer is one of life’s greatest pleasures. And no, we’re not exaggerating. We have one good friend (who requested anonymity) who, while in Mexico, pulled off the ultimate trifecta – hot shower, ice-cold beer and personal service from his lovely wife. It was such a massive coup that, even though he was in his late 30’s he texted soon after. An American hero. But enough about Jason Elm. One last thing: 18mph is not responsible for any personal injury as a result of overindulgence or broken glass. So don’t drop the bottle. Or just transfer it to an unbreakable cup, okay? Now enjoy. And you’re welcome.

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    I must try this, only with Tequila. I have tried my tequila chilled and it is devine. I mean, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO...
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    I have done the beer. Incredibly awesome if it’s ice ice cold. After riding a century, I also partake in what I call...
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    Knowing that I’m coming home to this (sans Corona) is 1/3 I go on rides/runs on lazy days.
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